Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Scrum Tool

QuickScrum helps to unlock the power of Agile Scrum into your projects – whether you are 
a “seasoned” Agile professional or a novice - just starting with Scrum – you can get started with 
Scrum implementation and get your projects “going” right away!
The Scrum tool plays an indispensable part in planning and developing your software projects.
It can help you:
  • Create and estimate user stories
  • Effortlessly create and maintain product backlogs
  • Define and design your sprints
  • Identify team progress and velocity through dynamically generated burndown and 
  • velocity charts
  • Visualise the entire team activity on a “single” platform
  • Avail customised reports to get an insight about your project’s status.

QuickScrum Scrum tool advantages

The tool offers many benefits and is a “must have” for all Scrum whiteboard users. The tool 
offers several facilities and features that are not found, and not possible to have while 
using a traditional whiteboard. It offers an “automated” Scrum implementation solution for the 
entire team.

Search anything at your fingertips
A trademark feature of the tool, very few other Scrum tools offer a facility wherein you can 

search for any type of project related information without leaving your current page. Envisioned 
and designed specially to aid the Scrum team, the search features ensure you have quick and 
easy access to any aspect or information pertaining to your ongoing project. Find, check, edit, 
and delete whatever you need to – instantly!  

Manage product backlogs of any size and complexity
Product backlogs form the “heart” of a Scrum based software project. The tool supports creation 

of new user stories, their modification, and removal. It is very easy to create, search, and list 
out user stories based upon your specific searching criteria. The product backlog 
management supports drag-and-drop features which help in the backlog grooming activity. 
It is easy to carry out the backlog refinement sessions with the entire team using the 
backlog management features. What’s more, you can create and maintain product backlogs 
of any size and complexity.  

Plan multiple sprints simultaneously
Multiple sprints can be designed and planned on a single page.

Access Scrum taskboard from anywhere
Very essential for distributed or disjoint development teams, the tool offers a common, shared 
access to all team members. Each member can log on and view instant updates on the taskboard.
 The taskboard helps to foster collaboration through live updates of activity carried out by other 
team members. The taskboard features can be accessed from anywhere.

Live Burndown charts
Generate burndown charts that display the most current team progress. Compare ideal team 

progress with your current team velocity and monitor projects in a dynamic way. An essential tool 
for product owners and scrum masters to keep track of current team activity and progress.

Instant team activity log
Whatever activity you do – whether the tool users create a new user story, add, or update tasks 

– everything is “logged” and displayed “live” in the activity log section of the tool. See what 
other team members are currently up to and “doing” in the tool.

Detailed velocity charts
Informative and visually appealing velocity charts exhibit the current team velocity.

Resources workload and summary
The QuickSCrum tool displays tasks linked to individual resources and their task statuses, in 

terms of time available, associated with each team member. The resource workload summary
 is exhibited, so it can be identified how much additional work can be taken up and completed 
by the programmers.Read more at Scrum tool

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