Friday, 20 June 2014

Quickscrum - Tool to Consider

This tool for managing projects scrum type, to manage in a simple way the entire project, ie customer, product owner, members, assignments, sprints, priorities, task description, and even even graphs showing progress and evolution .
It's kind of collaborative, allowing dragging of objects, as is done for example in Trello , app that we use and we are very pleased also.
It can be used in free mode, up to 5 users, 3 projects but without any ability to store files, while offering other alternatives (fee-and not so expensive) that increase performance, of course. Right?
Say to prove it is worth it because it really is very easy and convenient to use.
To access the official site, I leave the link:
If someone was using it, would be nice to tell us what your opinion on this software is because it's like everything else, as you will be entering information and interacting with the app, you are giving certain situations to solve.
One thing I asked was if the development team can connect to applications like: Test link, Mantis or Redmine, and I responded that for the next release plan to incorporate a bug tracking.

It will be a matter of following your steps and see how this another module that also serves both us us.

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